Japan currently ranks 121st on the Gender Gap Index... out of 153 nations. Twenty-twenty? Reiwa? None of that means a lot when this nation has marked its all time low in terms of gender equality. The Gender Gap Index is measured based on 4 aspects - Health, Education, Politics and Economy. Japan has achieved absolute equality for Health and Education. How does a nation manage to be ranked this low, even whilst achieving nearly perfect in half of the aspects. Japan has managed to achieve the seemingly impossible. How horrendous do the levels of equality in Politics and Economy have to be to rank so low? 
If half of the population is up against a disadvantage simply for their gender, are we truly an 'advanced' nation ー This website shares the smallest glimpse of the struggles women in Japan face in their day to day lives. 

"I'm aggressive because I'm confident?"

"I'm expected to quite my career for my kids. And my Husband...?"

"I don't feel safe on the train."

"I get less chances as a woman."

"I'm taken lightly as an engineer."

"Maternity harassment."

"Alternative motives behind kindness."

"You can make $ anywhere! You're a woman."

"You're ashamed because I'm a single mom. He made me a single mom."

"You're doing so well, who did you sleep with?"

"I'm worth more than my smile."

"If I succeed, it's because I'm a woman."

Can you truly say, from the bottom of your heart that you're surprised to see this? Truly?
 We come across women everyday ー mothers, sisters, girlfriends, partners, friends. We would be lying to ourselves to say  "I had no idea this was happening". Half of the population is fighting against this. 
The woman figure in your life? She probably is too. 
How scary is it that we all have mothers, that we all know a woman intimately in our lives ー 
yet, the problem hasn't gone anywhere.

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